Assistance Available for DV Coalitions Surveying Member Programs on Trauma-Informed Services

As part of the requirements of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) Coalition Grant, state coalitions are required to conduct an assessment of their member programs’ capacity to provide trauma-informed services. NCDVTMH has been assisting many coalitions in meeting this requirement and is available for additional support. To that end, we have developed a brief Trauma-Informed Capacity Assessment, which can be tailored to reflect each state’s individual needs and interests. Upon completion of data collection, NCDVTMH provides each coalition with a detailed report detailing its state’s results.

For more information about the Trauma-Informed Capacity Assessment, you can access a recording of a 2013 webinar on this topic here:

This webinar provides an overview of the core assessment items as well as other ideas that some coalitions have found useful for their work with their member programs. The webinar also illustrates the possible ways that the results from the survey can be used. If your coalition is interested in working with NCDVTMH to create a survey of your member programs or if you have specific questions about the assessment, contact us here:



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