New Resource for Health and Behavioral Health Providers

In response to the growing demand for resources on screening for intimate partner violence in health care settings, the National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence (HRC), a program of Futures Without Violence, launched Health Cares About IPV, a web-based collection of tools and resources, including web-based training videos.

Recently, NCDVTMH collaborated with NRCDV to develop a new resource now available on the site: Relationships, Support and Wellness. This small brochure makes the connection between experiencing trauma or unsafe relationships and the impact on mental health and well-being. It also describes the concept of resiliency and the importance of supportive relationships. Relationships, Support and Wellness can be used by health and behavioral health providers as part of the screening process and includes contact information for several crisis lines.

Download this resource here:

For more information on how mental health and substance abuse treatment providers can respond to domestic violence, including a link to a CLE-eligible web-based seminar, visit NCDVTMH’s page Resources for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Providers.


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