NCDVTMH guest edits special issue of Synergy in honor of DV Awareness Month

What does it mean to employ an accessible and trauma-informed framework when working with survivors and their children in the context of legal proceedings?

The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health (NCDVTMH) served as guest editor for part one of a special double issue of Synergy, a publication of the Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody (RCDV: CPC). The special double issue, published this week, commemorates Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In the articles included in this issue, we explored the question above, including how the foundational concepts of NCDVTMH’s work on domestic violence, trauma, and oppression apply in the context of custody and child welfare cases. The resulting issue contains articles on trauma in the context of domestic violence; the intersection of trauma, domestic violence, and substance abuse; and the Child Trauma Capacity Building Project of the NCDVTMH. Also included is an interview with Susan Blumenfeld, MSW, LCSW, a nationally recognized expert on working with children exposed to domestic violence and supporting parent-child relationships.

NCDVTMH is grateful to RCDV: CPC for the opportunity to collaborate on this issue of Synergy.

Synergy, FVPSA 30th & VAWA 20th Anniversary Issue, No. 1 of 2

The second special issue was guest edited by the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. This issue is dedicated to increasing awareness of violence against women in tribal communities generally, and Alaska Natives specifically. It includes an article titled Hello My Name is: Alaska Native Voices Calling Out for Safety of Native Women; an overview of the Tribal Law and order Act; and a playwrights view on the idea for and development of, Sliver of a Full Moon, a play highlighting the collective success of Native women’s voices to change laws so that their children and grandchildren will have a better future.

Synergy, FVPSA 30th & VAWA 20th Anniversary Issue, No. 2 of 2


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