WSCADV Honors Patti Bland, NCDVTMH’s Substance Abuse Training Director

In September, the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence honored Margaret Hobart, Ann Ganley, and NCDVTMH Substance Abuse Training Director, Patti Bland, MA, CDP. All three were inducted into WSCADV’s 2014 Hall of Fame, which honors individuals whose work on domestic violence has “changed the game.”

The 2014 WSCADV’s Conference Program described the Hall of Fame Honorees as follows:

Margaret Hobart has brought heart, hope and humor to all of her work on everything from shelter rules to shelter design, and much more. Margaret laid the original foundation for the fatality review project, and she worked tirelessly to improve the CPS response to DV victims in the child welfare caseload.

With her brilliant mind and fierce advocacy, Ann Ganley works every day on behalf of women and children.  From the VA to child welfare, criminal justice, and the CDC, few fields have been spared her insightful critique. If our problems could be solved by intellect and passion alone, Ann would have single handedly eliminated DV and SA.

We might still be living in a dark cave (policy- and practice-wise) if Patti Bland had not woken us up to the vital importance of rethinking our work with survivors experiencing substance use coercion or who use or experience a substance use disorder (addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs in lay terms).Her compassion, wit, and reassuring approach to opening up our hearts and our services has improved our work immeasurably.

In her award speech, WSCADV board member Mary Guiberson, talked about Patti’s numerous accomplishments over the years.

She described how Patti’s work has touched so many lives, and how Patti worked tirelessly to dispel the shame of experiencing substance use, with the approach that “it does not matter if she is an alcoholic, it does not matter if she is an addict on the street, she is someone’s daughter, she is someone’s mother, she is someone’s friend, and she does not deserve to be beaten, raped, or put out of our programs. She deserves to be supported, she deserves LOVE!”

Before joining NCDVTMH, Patti served as the Training Director for the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Juneau. Prior to that, Patti served both as an advocate and lead chemical dependency counselor at New Beginnings for Battered Women and their Children shelter, transitional housing, and community-based programs in Seattle for twelve years. It was there that she started a support group for survivors experiencing both domestic violence and substance use. The same support group is still in existence today. Patti was also instrumental in developing the Domestic Violence/Chemical Dependency Outreach Project for King County at the Alcohol Drug Help Line in 1994.

Patti served as the Trainer for Providence Health System Family Violence Program for five years, as an Adjunct Professor at Antioch University (teaching graduate course work in psychology) as well as undergraduate course work at Seattle Central Community College. Patti also was an instructor for Child Protective Services at CPS Academy in Seattle. She has published several articles on chemical dependency and domestic violence and completed development of domestic violence curriculum for the Washington State Medical Association and the Perinatal Partnership Against Domestic Violence. Patti is the author of the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Curriculum for Advocates and co-author, with Debi Edmund, of Real Tools: Responding to Multi-Abuse Trauma – A Tool Kit to Help Advocates and Community Partners Better Serve People With Multiple Issues.

This preceding two paragraphs are a modified excerpt of the speech given by Mary Guiberson.

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