Supporting Survivors’ Access to Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services During the COVID-19 Emergency

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In response to the current national emergency, NCDVTMH will continue to provide updates, resources, and tip sheets to support domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy organizations and coalitions in responding to the trauma, mental health, and substance use-related needs of survivors and their families.

Download Tip Sheet #1: Supporting Survivors’ Access to Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services During the COVID-19 Emergency.

With all 50 states reporting incidences of COVID-19, our nation is quickly coming to grips with the many gaps that exist in our systems of care.

Substance use disorder treatment and mental health services can be difficult to access under regular circumstances. During this national emergency, there are new kinds of barriers to accessing treatment as well as new and emerging policies designed to address them. This tip sheet outlines key steps in advocating for survivors’ continued access to mental health and substance use services and medication.


COVID-19 Mental Health, Substance Use & Trauma Needs & Resources Survey

NCDVTMH wants to provide you with timely, useful resources on responding to the COVID-19 epidemic. We invite you to complete a brief 3-question survey to help guide us as we develop supports and resources. Your input is greatly valued. This survey is anonymous and voluntary.  Take the survey.

If you have any technical issues related to this survey, please email Heather Phillips.


Additional Resources

For additional information on supporting safety for people who use substances, here are some resources from reputable sources:

For additional information on domestic violence advocacy in the context of COVID-19, here are some trusted sources:

For additional information on expanding telehealth services and access to mental health and substance use disorder services, including medication assisted treatment (MAT), here are some additional resources:

There are many comprehensive public health sources to turn to for information on COVID-19, for more information please see: The CDC’s COVID-19 Webpage

Please follow us on social media to stay up to date on tip sheets and other resources:

While our communities may be increasing our physical distance, our interconnectedness is undeniable.

In solidarity,

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