Mental Health Policy and Advocacy Organizations

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
The mission of the Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law is to protect and advance the rights of adults and children who have mental disabilities. The Center envisions an America where people who have mental illnesses or developmental disabilities exercise their own life choices and have access to the resources that enable them to participate fully in their communities.

First Nations Behavioral Health Association (FNBHA)
FNBHA was established to provide an organization for Native American indigenous people to advocate for the mental well being of Native peoples by increasing the knowledge and awareness of issues impacting Native mental health. The purpose of FNBHA is to provide national leadership to all groups, institutions, and individuals that plan, provide, and access Native American behavioral health services.

National Alliance of Multi-Ethnic Behavioral Health Associations
NAMBHA is a non-profit organization representing a myriad of racial/ethnic behavioral health associations. Its purpose is to bring organizations representing diverse people of color together as a single voice to increase the effectiveness of advocacy, ensure a positive impact on the use of resources, and to collectively share expertise on behavioral health issues that significantly affect people of color. The mission of NAMBHA is to collectively promote the behavioral well-being and full potential of people of color and to eliminate disparities in behavioral health services and treatment through policy reform, culturally appropriate research and evaluation, systems change and transformation, acquisition and distribution of resources, and consumer involvement.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
NAMI is a grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons living with serious mental illness and their families. NAMI is dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by mental illness.

National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA)
NLBHA was established to fill a need for a unified national voice for Latino populations in the behavioral health arena and to bring attention to the disparities that exist in areas of access, utilization, practice-based research, and adequately trained personnel. The mission NLBHA is to provide national leadership for the advancement of Latino behavioral health services.

National Mental Health Association (NMHA)
NMHA, a nonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental illness, works to improve the mental health of all Americans, especially the 54 million individuals with mental disorders, through advocacy, education, research and service.

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