Online Training & Resource Center

The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health’s Online Training & Resource Center (OTRC) is designed to increase access to our resources, training, and technical assistance. The OTRC currently features the following collections, each of which include web-based trainings, written materials, and tools designed to facilitate learning and organizational change:

Resources for Advocates – Trauma-Informed DV Advocacy

Resources for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

Substance Use, DV, Sexual Assault & Other Trauma

Supporting Children, Parents & Caregivers Impacted by DV

Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy (TILA) Project

For inquiries about webinars and online training, please call Angelica Medina at 312-726-7020 x2012 (P); 312-726-4110 (TTY); or use our simple online contact form.

For inquiries about in-person training or to request phone-based technical assistance, please contact our office.

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